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Ag Diesel Solutions is based in Southern Indiana, right in the middle of farmland USA. Being in the heartland gives us extensive opportunities to work with the growers, one on one out in the field to prove our products are delivering the real world results that all of our customers have grown to expect from Ag Diesel Solutions. We understand that the bottom line of each operation is getting tighter each and every year and farms need to run as efficiently as possible to make it in this ever evolving agriculture market.


We are committed to you on the farm, worksite and over the road to provide superior quality products with the established service and integrities that you have grown to expect from us here at Ag Diesel Solutions. Through constant product innovations and engineering development, we are proud to be a part of improving the working efficiencies of your operation each and every day.

What we do


At Ag diesel solutions, our Engineering department continuously strives to improve on our existing hardware and software. They mix the newest in innovation and technology with proven technology to keep each application up to date while ensuring the proven performance you’ve come to know. Our engineering group selects the integrated circuits, lays out the circuit boards, and does all the in house testing on all newly developed products. If there’s any question about our products, don’t hesitate to ask, but rest assured, our engineering group is probably already on top of it.


The development team spends most of their time out in the field, testing new products for reliability, collecting performance data from real world applications to insure you are only getting the best products in production.  They are in charge of expanding our product line so when you have a need, we have a lifetime product that you can count on.


Every product that we make is hand built in Newburgh, IN.  Each component that we use in our products is made in the USA.  We manufacture to the highest level of quality to insure that your Ag Diesel Solutions module will last a lifetime on the farm, worksite or over the road.  This is why we give a lifetime warranty on all of our products!


We take pride in delivering the best customer service in the industry. Our full team of engineers and engineering techs are ready to help you when you need it.  All of our tech calls are taken right here at our factory in Newburgh, IN, no call centers!


Our logistics department takes care of all order fulfillment’s around the world.  Keeping orders filled is a full-time job, so when you need the extra horsepower and needing to save fuel, there will be a Ag Diesel Solutions module waiting for you!


If you enjoy working and talking with Growers and would like to make an income while doing so, then think about joining the Ag Diesel Solutions dealer network! With each operations bottom line becoming more and more important, Ag Diesel Solutions helps improve the efficiency of their equipment. By giving them the horsepower they need to get out of the field quicker while saving them 10-20% on fuel per hour we help sway the bottom line in the Growers favor. Contact us today to learn more!

About ChrisChris Kruckenberg, Founder/Owner

Chris started his business 11 years ago out of his own home in Southern Indiana. With innovative experience in building, analyzing and improving a variety of components, he’s passionate about adding value for the consumer. He has always enjoyed working with farm equipment and learning about vehicles of all types and sizes, which led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Western Kentucky University.

Chris and his wife Brooke reside in the quaint town of Newburgh, IN, and have 4 beautiful children. Chris strives to create a company culture that values work-life balance. When he isn’t hard at work, you will find him enjoying time with his family.

Throughout Chris’ tenure, he has learned to appreciate these words of Colin Powell, "Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence."