IV6703 - 6.7L Tier 3 Iveco engines - Performance Module

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6.7L Tier 3 Iveco engines



Up to 30% Horsepower Increase and 10-20% Fuel Savings 





The IV6703 Performance Module fits 6.7L Tier III Iveco engines . This diesel performance module is designed for fuel economy with up to 30% increase in hp and fuel savings up to 10%-20%. Adjustable with a three position switch, Stock, +15%, & +30% hp. The module doesn't flash the ECM, instead it receives the data from the ECM, optimizes the signal to the engine improving the fuel efficiency and power. So it does indeed promise to pay for itself in pretty short order. Plug-and-play connectivity means there’s no need to cut, splice or modify engine wiring.

Best of all, all of our modules come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Install instructions
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