4 Questions Every Farmer Asks About Tractor Tuning

Tractors are a vital piece of equipment for farmers. They help with planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops, and can be a significant investment. As with any investment, farmers want to ensure they are getting the most out of their tractors. This often leads to questions about performance chips for tractors.

Performance chips (also known as performance modules or tuners) help adjust the engine and other components to optimize performance. Tuners can improve fuel efficiency, increase power, and extend the life of the tractor. If you are a farmer who wants to get the most out of your tractor, there are four questions you should ask about tractor performance chips.

How Safe Are Performance Chips for Tractors?

Plugging new hardware into your farm equipment for the first time can be intimidating. Is it going to work? Is it safe?

The good news is: it’s perfectly safe! Performance chips for tractors are designed to work with the engine and do not cause any damaging side effects. Many performance chips come with safety features that prevent any major damage from occurring.

Will I See a Big Difference in Performance?

It depends on the type of chip you choose and the make and model of your tractor. Generally speaking, you can expect to see an increase in power, improved fuel efficiency, and a smoother ride. If you choose a more advanced chip, like one with adjustable settings, you can customize the performance to your specific needs.

Will Performance Chips Void My Warranty?

This is an important question for farmers who want to ensure their tractor is covered if something goes wrong. The good news is: performance modules are warranty-friendly because they do not flash the ECM or leave a footprint. Performance modules are installed after the ECM, communicating with the signals that come from the ECM.

How Do I Install a Performance Chip?

Most performance chips are plug-and-play devices that allow you to quickly and easily install them yourself. They often require no tools or special know-how—just plug it in and go! If you have any questions, the manufacturer will be able to provide support or refer you to a qualified technician.

How Much Power Can a Tuner Add to My Tractor?

With an Ag Diesel Solutions performance chip, you can see an increase of up to 30% more horsepower and torque. You can also see 10-20% fuel savings per hour, helping you sway your bottom line in your favor!

Why Choose Ag Diesel Solutions

At Ag Diesel Solutions, we continuously strive to improve our existing hardware and software. We mix the newest in innovation & technology with proven technology to keep each application up to date while ensuring proven performance. Every product that we make is hand built in Newburgh, Indiana, and each component that we use in our products is made in the USA.

Our modules are tested, dyno-proven, and engineered with linear load-based technology that gives you power only when you need it. Find an Ag Diesel Solutions performance module for your tractor now!