2020 6.7L Ford PowerstrokeThe new 2020 6.7L Ford Powerstroke makes 475 HP and 1050 ft lbs of torque and improves on the 6.7L Powerstroke platform.  Even with all these improvements there is always more to tap into.

Our engineering team has been busy doing just that and here are the results! Through months of testing, we were able to get 500 HP on the chassis dyno – an increase of 90 HP and 180ft lbs torque.

Adding a performance module to your truck gives it a better throttle response and acceleration. Even if you are towing, you won’t have the struggle of losing speed going up those hills! On the 2020 Ford Powerstroke, we tune both fuel and MAP for a more efficient combustion cycle. This is going to provide better drivability and impressive power gains! With increased performance, you will see an increase of 1.5 to 2 miles per gallon better fuel mileage.  The 22400 AG Diesel Solutions performance modules come with a 4 position switch that is adjustable on the fly

We offer an American made product backed with industry leading lifetime warranty and US based technical support! The same team building our product are the same people who provide support trouble shooting. Try our AG Diesel Solutions module and make the latest 6.7L Powerstroke the truck it deserves to be.

Click HERE to go to the 22400 – 2020 6.7L Ford Powerstroke Performance Module.


Ag Diesel Solutions is based in Southern Indiana, right in the middle of farmland USA. Being in the heartland gives us extensive opportunities to work with the growers, one on one out in the field to prove our products are delivering the real world results that all of our customers have grown to expect from Ag Diesel Solutions. We understand that the bottom line of each operation is getting tighter each and every year and farms need to run as efficiently as possible to make it in this ever evolving agriculture market.

We are thankful for so many things, including you!

November is often a time where we take a step back and think about all the things we have to be thankful for.  And we are certainly thankful for you! 

We wish your family many harvest blessings as you wrap up another season in the field.

Often times we focus on our CASE-IH and John Deere Performance, but there are so many other applications out there that we serve! This month we are still staying in the Ag world, but taking a look at our SISU7098. engines.

The SISU7098 fits the 7 Cylinder 9.8L Tier IV & Final Tier IV engines that are found in Massey Ferguson and AGCO and Challenger tractors, combines, choppers, and sprayers. The Ag Diesel Solutions SISU7098 includes our 3 position switch that can be easily adjusted. Contact your local dealer today for more information.

Does it feel like fall?

I think mother nature is a little confused here in Indiana. I see the pumpkins, but I don’t feel the fall weather. But, none the less, October is here! 

This month we are featuring one of our Ag Diesel Solutions Performance Modules that fits Iveco engines. The IV6870 fits the 8.7L Tier IV Iveco engines that are found in New Holland and CASE-IH tractors, combines, floaters, harvesters, and sprayers.

Check out the link below to view the installation of this product.