Are Tractor Performance Chips Safe?

Tractor performance chips have gained popularity in recent years, as they claim to enhance engine power and improve fuel efficiency. However, like any modification to a vehicle, there are concerns about safety and potential negative consequences.

Before making a decision, it’s crucial to educate yourself on the safety implications of installing a tractor performance chip. This article will address the key factors you need to consider and the potential risks associated with these modifications.

Are Performance Chips Safe for Tractors?

Performance chips by Ag Diesel Solutions are perfectly safe. These chips function by altering the information sent from the engine’s sensors to the vehicle’s computer, allowing it to optimize fuel delivery or air/fuel mixtures to generate higher output. This can result in an increase of up to 30% in the power and torque of your tractor, allowing you to do more with less effort & time.

Will Installing a Tractor Performance Module Void Any Warranties?

When getting service work done on your equipment, we recommend simply removing the performance module from your equipment. The only way a manufacturer can tell if our module has been on your equipment is if they visually see it.

Will it Damage my Engine?

No, Ag Diesel Solutions has a comprehensive field testing and dyno program to ensure that any equipment that is on our application list is safe for use without damaging or reducing the life of the engine. When used properly and with the right settings, a tuner chip can actually improve your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency without causing any damage.

Can You Stack Performance Modules?

On agricultural equipment, we strongly recommend not stacking our module with any other product.

Do They Improve Fuel Efficiency?

Yes! Performance modules can help to reduce your tractor’s fuel consumption by up to 20%. This can lead to significant cost savings over time and will also help to reduce environmental pollution.

Are Performance Modules Thoroughly Tested?

Ag Diesel Solutions is based in Southern Indiana, right in the middle of farmland USA. Being in the heartland gives us extensive opportunities to work with the growers, one on one out in the field to prove our products are delivering the real-world results that all of our customers have grown to expect from Ag Diesel Solutions. Our development team spends most of their time out in the field, testing new products for reliability, and collecting performance data from real-world applications to ensure you are only getting the best products in production.

Why Choose Ag Diesel Solutions

At Ag Diesel Solutions, we continuously strive to improve our existing hardware and software. We mix the newest in innovation & technology with proven technology to keep each application up to date while ensuring proven performance. Every product that we make is hand-built in Newburgh, Indiana, and each component that we use in our products is made in the USA.

Our modules are tested, dyno-proven, and engineered with linear load-based technology that gives you power only when you need it. Find an Ag Diesel Solutions performance module for your tractor now!