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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Diesel Performance Module

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle’s power output? If yes, then you should consider purchasing a diesel performance module (DPM).

The number of vehicles using diesel engines has increased over time. In fact, they account for almost half of all new car sales. Diesel engines produce less pollution compared to gasoline engines. They also offer better fuel economy. Here are 5 things to know before buying a diesel performance module:

1 – They Offer Better Fuel Mileage

If you are looking for better fuel mileage, diesel performance modules are a great solution. With Ag Diesel Solutions products, you can expect to save 1-3 MPG on fuel per hour and get up to 90 more horsepower.

2 – Diesel Performance Modules Do Not Flash the ECM

If you still have a warranty on your truck and you want something that does not flash the ECM or is non-detectable, diesel performance modules are a good solution. The module installs inline between the ECM and either the Fuel Injectors or Fuel Pressure Sensor. The adjustments a module makes are after the ECM signal, therefore nothing is written to the ECM.

3 – They Can Help Improve Your Throttle Response & Drivability

If you are looking to improve your throttle response or drivability down low, diesel performance modules can help improve your throttle response and drivability.

Diesel performance modules are designed to bring in horsepower earlier in your load cycle. This allows your engine to work less during daily driving and makes more of the horsepower available to you right off the throttle. In turn, this gives the ability for the engine to take off more easily and reach normal driving speeds without using much fuel.

4 – It’s Warranty-Friendly

The first question you might have while searching for aftermarket performance products is, “Will this void my manufacturer’s warranty?” The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it so vehicle manufacturers can’t void a warranty based on the mere presence of aftermarket accessories.

Our modules do not leave any fingerprints on your ECM, our modules are installed after the ECM. We do recommend if you take your truck in for warranty work to remove the module.

5 – It Will Not Hurt Your Transmission or Turbo

All Ag Diesel Solutions modules are designed within all the working parts specifications. Our modules do not cause harm to your engine, transmission, or turbo.

Why Choose Ag Diesel Solutions

At Ag Diesel Solutions, we continuously strive to improve on our existing hardware and software. We mix the newest in innovation & technology with proven technology to keep each application up to date while ensuring proven performance. Every product that we make is hand built in Newburgh, Indiana, and each component that we use in our products is made in the USA.

With our electronic performance module, you are able to get better fuel economy with up to 10-20% returns. Get more done with up to 30% more horsepower and torque! Our product does not flash or program the factory ECM, but rather works with it. Our modules are tested, dyno-proven, and engineered with linear load-based technology that gives you power only when you need it. Find an Ag Diesel Solutions performance module for your truck edition now!